The Academy

The Academy is run by Marco Arcese (ITA), current CEO of the Pro Calcio Soccer School, an Italian sports company that manages 27 affiliated soccer schools, for a total of about 6000 athletes.

The Pro Calcio Soccer School also collaborates with the most important Italian professional clubs: AS ROMA, FC JUVENTUS and other professional youth national sectors, and was able during the past years to bring many athletes to a professional level.

The Academy offers:

  • Test matches with the same age players of professional clubs
  • Official matches in the Academy League
  • Training sessions with ex professional players and prestigious specialists
  • A goalkeepers Academy lead by Fernando Orsi, ex player in Lazio and Inter team
  • Individual and collective training with video shooting  and classroom lessons for a complete education
  • Tutor  available 24 h for all the  hosted children's needs (school trips, private needs)
  • Nutritionists and chefs  in charge of  the diet of athletes
  • Excursions to attend league matches
  • Trips to the most important Italian cities, pro and semi-pro games with analysis
  • Team building activities


Soccer courses specialized in all areas of intervention for the full training of a player.

The Academy's program is available exclusively for high skilled children, always depending on their age. For this reason, before approving  anyone in the Academy, all the players will have to pass an initial test that will reveal their level.

In addition to the coaching team, the Academy provides programs of  "individual training" that allow the boy to create a symbiotic relationship with the basic technique (program me and the ball ) and then get on to  build the individual strategy (program me, the ball, the mates and the opponents).

Our methods are based on the best national and international schools, through a fully trained and updated staff.

Do you want to become a champion?

Now  you have everything you need to try to make your dream come true. We'll provide  you all the necessary tools, the lifestyle and the great tradition of the Italian soccer. You must be determined and work hard, because big dreams require great sacrifices!

We are looking forward to welcoming you here! Call now our call center at:  335/226867.